About DSES


The Deep Space Exploration Society is a Colorado nonprofit organization that exists to foster the exploration and understanding of space by

preparing members, students and the public to participate in that exploration. We facilitate experiments designed to expand our knowledge of space and execute ground based missions designed to support those experiments. The unique contribution we hope to provide to future exploratory missions is a low cost alternative satellite downlink groundstation and tool for pursuing radio astronomy.

For over 20 years our facility was located in Boulder County, Colorado and consisted of two fine old 60 ft parabolic dish antennas capable of receiving radio signals over a wide range of frequencies (100 MHz to 10 GHz) from celestial objects or space craft. This facility, located west of Longmont, CO was used for many years in research until its retirement about 1975. Our challenge over the last decade was to restore and update the facility to provide a compelling alternative to the very expensive Deep Space Network antennas (located in the western US) using volunteer effort and the very limited resources available to us. In 2009 a identical dish antenna was donated to the society and since the Boulder facility was not owned by DSES we began to concentrate on this site near Haswell, Colorado.