January 2016 Plishner Update

posted Jan 26, 2016, 9:28 PM by Don Lewis   [ updated Jan 26, 2016, 9:30 PM ]

Ideal weather conditions at the Plishner site near Haswell, CO with mild temps in the high 50’s low 60’s with
no wind and lots of sunshine made for ideal winter work days at the dish site during the weekend of January
22 & 23, 2016.

Ed Corn and Steve Plock traveled down to the site on Friday arriving at 9:30AM to work on the installation of
the remote generator start/stop control boxes. The first box was installed in the bunker. The remote switch
will allow the start and shutoff to be done within the bunker once the generator is prepared for running at the
generator shed for the initial on site start of the day. A 20+ foot length of #1aught wire was installed between
the bunker battery room and main bunker meeting room. Two 6 foot #12 red/black wire terminated with
Anderson power poles will be connected to this DC bus for equipment use. This 12VDC power will be primarily
used for amateur radio use as well as for any device requiring 12VDC to operate. Four T8 LED 4 foot tubes
were installed in the bunker, 2 in the tool room and 2 above the work bench in the main room. Each LED tube
uses 18 watts (36 watts total per light fixture) versus the 110 watts per light fixture now being used. The new
LED lights are directly wired to 110 VAC, bypassing the ballast. The 160 meter and 80 meter half-wave dipole
antennas were reinstalled above the bunker area.

On Saturday morning, Ray Uberecken, Michael Lowe, Bill Miller, Arron Reid and Myron Babcock arrived on site
at 9:30Am.

Ed & Steve continued their installation of the remote generator start/stop control boxes in the
communications trailer and the dish pedestal. The 30 foot (3 section) Rohn 25 tower was relocated from the
south side of the communications trailer to the north side of the trailer next to the antenna feed through
panel. A 4th section of Rohn 25 will be installed atop the existing tower at a later date. The plan is to install a
UHF, 440MHz, beam antenna pointing to Colorado Springs. This 85 mile UHF link will provide a back-up
remote control option for controlling equipment within the trailer. Bill Miller and Aaron Reid rewired the solar
panels a top the trailer providing additional charging capacity power for the experiments within the trailer.

CAT 5 and low voltage power cable was prepared for entry into the communications trailer. This cable was
initially installed outside of the trailer last April when the power cable trenching operations were started. Ray
checked out the helix coax between the trailer and antenna feed. With his equipment he was able to
determine the length and effectiveness of the helix. This information is required for future experiments and
moon bounce operations out of the trailer. Michael spent most of his time within the bunker organizing and
cleaning up the main room area. Gail Lowe cooked a large crock pot of cowboy stew for all to enjoy.
Supplementing the meal with bread, chips, and cookies made for a great break for all to enjoy. Thanks again
to Gail for her efforts in preparing another great feast for all to enjoy. Thanks for Michael for volunteering Gail
for her cooking. At the end of the day, Michael Lowe secured all structures to include the newly installed
chain across the front gate. Keys for the entry road chain locks are available from Myron Babcock.

Thanks to all who were able to make it down to Plishner this past weekend.

Myron Babcock

DSES Treasurer

CME Delays Saturday Event

posted Sep 13, 2014, 10:27 AM by Wayne Green

Test moved to 20 September, 2014.

There has been an unfortunate Change in Schedule.  Due to some equipment difficulty with the 1296 amplifier and with the current potential atmospheric changes with the CME from the sun that is occurring now, it has been decided to Postpone our event planned for this Saturday exactly one week, to  20 September, 2014, all else will be at the same times and channels as they used to say. We are very sorry for the late notice, but please try to work it out with us then.

Best regards and our apologies for any efforts you have made.

Michael Lowe
President DSES

K0H -- Special Event Radio Station:

posted Sep 6, 2014, 7:40 AM by Wayne Green

The Deep Space Exploration Society (DSES) 60 foot (18 Meter) dish
will be activated between 11 and 25 September, 2014 on the 23 cm
band. We plan on being operational during the September VHF

Stations wishing to schedule a contact with us should email
KL7IZW, Steve at:

          wohnfeld at

Include your grid square, email, phone number, transmitter power
and antenna type/gain in your request. 

DSES operators will be Ray Uberecken, AA0L, Steve Plock, KL7IZW
and Myron Babcock, KL7YY.  A schedule of operating times will be
announced once we have compiled a list of stations interested in
making a contact with us.  Please visit our web site at
www. to learn more about our organization.  This dish is
located 90 miles SE of Colorado Springs, CO in Kiowa County, 5
miles south of Haswell, CO in DM88kj.  Our operating frequency
will be 1296.1 Mhz with a transmitter output of 160 watts.

Special Meeting, December 21 2013 at the Sommers Bausch Observatory

posted Dec 11, 2013, 9:21 PM by Don Lewis

DSES Special Meeting, to be held at Sommers Bausch Observatory, University of Colorado Boulder Campus on Saturday, 21 December, 2013 at 3:00 PM.

 The Agenda is:

 1) Approve the Minutes of 16 March, 2013. (Usual first thing).

 2) To entertain a Motion to supersede Version 2.x of the Bylaws with a new 3.0 version. The 3.0 draft was sent to the membership.

 3) To refine a draft of a Corporate Resolution governing how the election is to be run (new 3.0 rule), the CR draft was sent to the membership.

 3) Adjourn the meeting.

 This is an open meeting. All members are invited to attend.

DSES Quarterly Board Meeting - March 16th @ 2pm

posted Mar 7, 2013, 9:41 AM by Simon Shupp   [ updated Mar 7, 2013, 9:42 AM ]

The next Quarterly Board Meeting of the Deep Space Exploration Society
will be held at the Sommers Bausch Observatory, University of Colorado
Boulder main campus, commencing at 2:00PM 16 March, 2013 MT.

If there are items for the Agenda, please forward to the presiding
officer: Robert Slate ( or to me,

In addition to the business meeting, there will be a tour of the
optical observatory. Tentatively we have Adam Ginsberg, a PhD candidate
at CU talking about small dish radio astronomy and giving a
presentation of the radio astronomy work he and collaborators have
been publishing lately.

We have also tentatively scheduled Dr. Xinlin Li, Professor and PI for
the Colorado Student Space Weather Experiment (CSSWE) an NSF-funded 3U
CubeSat (30×10×10 cm) housing an energetic particle telescope. Dr Li
will present their results to date and to have a conversation with us from
the design to operations of their project. This portion of the meeting
will explore details related to our discussions with Cornell and
our contributing telemetry to their CubeSat effort.

The CSSWE details may be found at:

Directions to the Observatory are relatively simple:

The missile address is : 40.0036, -105.2629

A link to Google Maps :

From Denver into Boulder along HY 36 -- the Boulder Turnpike, you will
exit onto Baseline, and turn to the left (West). At the light at
Broadway and Baseline (a few blocks to the West), you will turn
to the Right (North). Go to the first light -- Regent Drive. Turn
to the Right (East) and go to the first intersection. This is
Kitterdge Loop. Turn South on the first part of the loop, go one
block then take the first Left. The big domed building is Fiske
Planetarium. Sommers Bausch is under the smaller dome immediately
East of the Planetarium. The parking lot is just East of the

On Campus:

As you drive North on Kitterdge Loop you will notice a driveway up the
hill to the left (ENE) immediately in front of the steps leading up to
the Observatory. Park in Lot 119 and pay attention to the signs. Lot
119 is really two rows of parking closest to the tall building along
the West edge of that large lot.

27 Oct 2012 Board Meeting

posted Oct 12, 2012, 11:01 AM by Simon Shupp

Greetings everyone, 

Attached is the proposed DSES Board of Directors 27 October 2012 meeting agenda. You are invited to return to me your inputs to this agenda by Noon, 20 October 2012. If your agenda item requires supporting documentation such as a proposal, this supporting documentation must accompany your agenda item to give the board time to review it before the meeting. If required supporting documentation is not submitted, your item may not be included on this agenda. 

If you have questions, please contact me or any other board member.

 Best to all, 
Jamie Riggs President, Deep Space Exploration Society 

"Understanding is, after all, what science is all about - and science is a great deal more than mere mindless computation." - Roger Penrose (1931-). Used by permission.

DSES Website & Online Features.

posted Sep 18, 2012, 2:17 PM by Simon Shupp

Hello DSES Members,

As some of you have noticed, that we have a new web site. (
Some of you have even asked how to gain access, that’s what this message is all about.
I will also be describing many of the services, provided by Google, that now provides to it’s members, for free. Remember: that you may use as many, or as few, of these services as you wish.

First, and most important, to gain access to these services, you will need to register.
You will only need to register once, all the services provided will be accessible to your account, you only have to acknowledge that you wish to use a service the first time you go to use it. You even use your own email address, the same one which you received this message.
Click here to Register, This will take you, once registered, to your account profile, which you may adjust to your liking. Once you are finished, you will not need any other account login or password to access the services provided at If your email address is already registered with a Google Account, you may skip this step.

Next, you will want to log in, to use these exciting new services. You can do this now, or later, your choice.
Click Here to Login, This will take you to the Main DSES Web Page.

You can view your user profile at any time, by Clicking Here.
If you wish to edit or change your profile, there is a blue button at the top of the page that says “Edit Profile”.
Or, you may use this link to edit your profile directly. Click Here to Edit your Profile.

The above links are also available on the website Login & Register page, under the home tab.

The DSES Website and other services were built with the intention of enhancing communication among members of the organization, and outside entities, related to the research of Space Exploration.

To this end, The website has been designed to be a focal point for that communication.

Discussion groups, Email, Chat & Messaging, Organizational Calendars, Documentation, Publications, Activity Reports, and other pages are all available through the website.

I’ll be introducing, and describing each of these services, and more, below. The title bullet items, below, are linked to take you right to the DSES Service it describes.

DSES Discussion Groups
  • The DSES Message Boards have been replaced and enhanced by Discussion Groups.
  • These Groups, are available on the website by clicking the Message Boards tab.
  • The Discussion Groups are tied very closely to the Email Distribution lists, or In fact if you send an email to either of these lists, that message will automatically be posted on the DSES Discussion Groups on the website. Any post made on the Discussion Groups website, will also be emailed to the Email Distribution lists listed above. (Please Note: only DSES Members have access to these web based or email based discussions, anyone outside the organization will not see them)
  • Additional Groups can be created for Project Teams.
  • The Discussion Groups, have fully functioning web based WYSIWYG editors, where you may post pictures, upload documents, and post links to other web based information, even videos.
  • Access the Discussion Groups via mobile devices, too.
  • Members with email addresses will recieve 25gb of email storeage
  • Never delete emails to save precious email space again.
  • Search emails, you can pull up that old email from years ago if you wish.
  • Web based Email Client, check your email from anywhere, or you may use any third-party email client you wish, such as outlook, thunderbird, and others, including Mobile devices.
  • There is a link to email on the members page, under the Home tab.
Chat & Messaging
  • Client built into your Email and Plus Profile pages.
  • You can also add a plug in to your web browser.
  • Video and Voice Messaging.
Organizational Calendars
  • Allows members to track DSES Meetings, Plishner work events, and other DSES Events
  • Members can also have their own personal online calendar.
  • Add a video conference or web broadcast to your events, allowing other to participate.
Documents & Online Storage
  • Allows users to create, edit, share, and collaborate with others on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and more
  • Up to 5BG of online personal storage, accessible via web or mobile devices. 
  • Don’t have MS Office? No Problem, the web based editor allow you to save your work in fully compatible MS Office or PDF formats.
File Upload Area
  • To share published reports, documents, videos, and etc to the public.
DSES Activity Reports
  • Web based WYSIWYG editor, allows uploading of pictures, videos, documents and weblinks to any activity report
Live Video Conferencing (called Hangouts)
  • Up to 10 interactive participants, with the ability to broadcast live, and/or save for future review.
  • Ideal for meetings, from remote locations or field sites.
Online Photo & Video Galleries
  • Personal online photo albums, can be shared with anyone.
  • Personal YouTube Channel, can be shared with anyone.
  • Mobile Device Integration 
  • The DSES website, Discussion Groups, Email, Documents, Online Storage, Video Conferencing, Photo & Video services, can all be accessed by a mobile device, such as your phone, tablet, or mobile laptop.
Shared Contacts
  • Share contacts relevant to the whole organisation.
  • Maintain your own personal contacts too.
And More
  • These service are provided by Google Apps Service.
  • information remains property of Deep Space Exploration Society.
  • Your Information remains your own, and belongs to you.
  • Feel free to use as many or as few of these services, as you wish, your overall experience may vary.
  • If you wish to learn more about using these services, please Click Here.
Thank you,

Simon Shupp
Deep Space Exploration Society

DSES Plishner Work Week - October 2012

posted Sep 17, 2012, 1:44 PM by Simon Shupp   [ updated Oct 7, 2012, 1:36 PM by Don Lewis ]

The October work week has not been scheduled yet.

Contact Adam Glazier for further information.

Deep Space Exploration Society is accepting new members.

posted Sep 17, 2012, 12:55 PM by Simon Shupp

Click Here for Details.

Welcome to the NEW Website

posted Sep 16, 2012, 12:19 PM by Simon Shupp   [ updated Sep 17, 2012, 10:15 AM by Simon Shupp ]

Our email service has been fully restored, and transferred to the new services.
All existing email accounts have been transferred, and those users have been given new password and login information.

The mailing lists & have also been transferred, and are now linked to the new message boards, now refereed to as discussion groups.
These discussion groups, have limited access, board members have access to the board group, and the members group, regular DSES members only have access to the members discussion groups. Any emails sent to these two groups, via or, will also post a corresponding discussion on the web based discussion groups. This also works via mobile devices, just send an email from your phone. Posts to the web based groups, will also send an email. Links for users to opt out of discussions/email lists are included in every email.

The discussion groups may be accessed with the following link click on "My Groups" to see them.

I encourage all board members, and those working on DSES projects, to request a email address for their use.
Click Here to request a DSES email address, if you do not already have one.

The website transfer, however, did not go as smoothly as I had anticipated, and is still being worked on.
In the mean time, please use the following link to access the new website.

The new services, are provided by Google services, this allows us access to several new features and functionality, as well as single sign on to a vast array of new services.
Below is an overview of many of the benefits of using these services.

Google Apps includes dozens of critical security features specifically designed to keep your data safe, secure and in your control. Your data belongs to you, and Apps tools enable you to control it, including who you share it with and how you share it. Our data center network provides exceptional security and guarantees* reliable access to your data, 24x7x365.25 (that’s right: no rest, even on leap years).

Your work is always backed up

While you work, all your critical data is automatically backed up on Google servers. So when accidents happen – if your computer crashes or gets stolen – you can be up and running again in seconds.

You own and control your data

When you put your data in Google Apps, you still own it, and it says just that in our contracts. Apps’ powerful, easy-to-use tools help administrators manage things like users, documents and services, and keep track of usage and data via dashboards.

Increased security and reliability

Our data centers are designed and built for our applications and don’t include unnecessary hardware or software. This reduces the number of potentially exploitable vulnerabilities. We guarantee 99.9% uptime*and build-in robust disaster recovery, so you don’t even have to worry about natural disasters.

Strong encryption and authentication

Google Apps offers an extra layer of security with two factor authentication, which greatly reduces the risk of hackers stealing usernames and passwords. We also automatically encrypt browser sessions with SSL for Apps users without the need for VPNs or other costly, cumbersome infrastructure. This helps protect your data as it travels between your browser and our data centers.

Stay connected from anywhere

With Google Apps, all your work is automatically saved in the cloud. You’ll have access to your email, calendar, documents, and sites and be able to work securely, no matter where you are in the world and what device you're on.

Access your work from any device with a web browser – your computer, phone or tablet – and stay productive even when you’re away from the office. Need to attend a meeting from your kid’s soccer game? Edit a spreadsheet while at the airport waiting for a flight? Respond to an email from a hotel business center computer? Google Apps makes it easy to stay connected to projects you’re working on and the people you work with, no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

Google Apps helps you and your team work faster and smarter by making it easy for everyone – employees, partners, vendors, anyone – to collaborate effortlessly across teams, companies and locations.

Google Apps lets you share and edit many types of files – docs, spreadsheets, presentations and more – in real time. Forget all the time-wasting email back and forth over multiple file versions; storing docs in the cloud means everyone automatically has the latest version of any file. Doesn’t that make sense?

Work together in real time

With Google Docs, just share with a couple of clicks and every member of your team has access to the right version of any document, spreadsheet or presentation. Everyone can jump in and make edits at the same time. No more back-and-forth email attachments and versions that you can’t keep track of.

Work together across distance

Work with your colleagues like you’re in the same room – even if you’re on opposite sides of the world. You can arrange impromptu video chats right from your Gmail inbox or jump into the same document and edit it together as if you’re sitting at the same computer.

Work together across organizations

Google Apps helps you work with your partners, vendors and customers just like you would with your colleagues. Do things like schedule meetings, share docs, hold video chats and create project sites with people outside your company.

Additions benefits, include internal private messaging, live video/phone conferencing & chat, and mobile device capabilities.

Thank you for your time, and patience as we work through these changes.

Simon Shupp

Webmaster, Deep Space Exploration Society

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