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DSES Website & Online Features.

posted Sep 18, 2012, 2:17 PM by Simon Shupp
Hello DSES Members,

As some of you have noticed, that we have a new web site. (
Some of you have even asked how to gain access, that’s what this message is all about.
I will also be describing many of the services, provided by Google, that now provides to it’s members, for free. Remember: that you may use as many, or as few, of these services as you wish.

First, and most important, to gain access to these services, you will need to register.
You will only need to register once, all the services provided will be accessible to your account, you only have to acknowledge that you wish to use a service the first time you go to use it. You even use your own email address, the same one which you received this message.
Click here to Register, This will take you, once registered, to your account profile, which you may adjust to your liking. Once you are finished, you will not need any other account login or password to access the services provided at If your email address is already registered with a Google Account, you may skip this step.

Next, you will want to log in, to use these exciting new services. You can do this now, or later, your choice.
Click Here to Login, This will take you to the Main DSES Web Page.

You can view your user profile at any time, by Clicking Here.
If you wish to edit or change your profile, there is a blue button at the top of the page that says “Edit Profile”.
Or, you may use this link to edit your profile directly. Click Here to Edit your Profile.

The above links are also available on the website Login & Register page, under the home tab.

The DSES Website and other services were built with the intention of enhancing communication among members of the organization, and outside entities, related to the research of Space Exploration.

To this end, The website has been designed to be a focal point for that communication.

Discussion groups, Email, Chat & Messaging, Organizational Calendars, Documentation, Publications, Activity Reports, and other pages are all available through the website.

I’ll be introducing, and describing each of these services, and more, below. The title bullet items, below, are linked to take you right to the DSES Service it describes.

DSES Discussion Groups
  • The DSES Message Boards have been replaced and enhanced by Discussion Groups.
  • These Groups, are available on the website by clicking the Message Boards tab.
  • The Discussion Groups are tied very closely to the Email Distribution lists, or In fact if you send an email to either of these lists, that message will automatically be posted on the DSES Discussion Groups on the website. Any post made on the Discussion Groups website, will also be emailed to the Email Distribution lists listed above. (Please Note: only DSES Members have access to these web based or email based discussions, anyone outside the organization will not see them)
  • Additional Groups can be created for Project Teams.
  • The Discussion Groups, have fully functioning web based WYSIWYG editors, where you may post pictures, upload documents, and post links to other web based information, even videos.
  • Access the Discussion Groups via mobile devices, too.
  • Members with email addresses will recieve 25gb of email storeage
  • Never delete emails to save precious email space again.
  • Search emails, you can pull up that old email from years ago if you wish.
  • Web based Email Client, check your email from anywhere, or you may use any third-party email client you wish, such as outlook, thunderbird, and others, including Mobile devices.
  • There is a link to email on the members page, under the Home tab.
Chat & Messaging
  • Client built into your Email and Plus Profile pages.
  • You can also add a plug in to your web browser.
  • Video and Voice Messaging.
Organizational Calendars
  • Allows members to track DSES Meetings, Plishner work events, and other DSES Events
  • Members can also have their own personal online calendar.
  • Add a video conference or web broadcast to your events, allowing other to participate.
Documents & Online Storage
  • Allows users to create, edit, share, and collaborate with others on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and more
  • Up to 5BG of online personal storage, accessible via web or mobile devices. 
  • Don’t have MS Office? No Problem, the web based editor allow you to save your work in fully compatible MS Office or PDF formats.
File Upload Area
  • To share published reports, documents, videos, and etc to the public.
DSES Activity Reports
  • Web based WYSIWYG editor, allows uploading of pictures, videos, documents and weblinks to any activity report
Live Video Conferencing (called Hangouts)
  • Up to 10 interactive participants, with the ability to broadcast live, and/or save for future review.
  • Ideal for meetings, from remote locations or field sites.
Online Photo & Video Galleries
  • Personal online photo albums, can be shared with anyone.
  • Personal YouTube Channel, can be shared with anyone.
  • Mobile Device Integration 
  • The DSES website, Discussion Groups, Email, Documents, Online Storage, Video Conferencing, Photo & Video services, can all be accessed by a mobile device, such as your phone, tablet, or mobile laptop.
Shared Contacts
  • Share contacts relevant to the whole organisation.
  • Maintain your own personal contacts too.
And More
  • These service are provided by Google Apps Service.
  • information remains property of Deep Space Exploration Society.
  • Your Information remains your own, and belongs to you.
  • Feel free to use as many or as few of these services, as you wish, your overall experience may vary.
  • If you wish to learn more about using these services, please Click Here.
Thank you,

Simon Shupp
Deep Space Exploration Society