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K0H -- Special Event Radio Station:

posted Sep 6, 2014, 7:40 AM by Wayne Green
The Deep Space Exploration Society (DSES) 60 foot (18 Meter) dish
will be activated between 11 and 25 September, 2014 on the 23 cm
band. We plan on being operational during the September VHF

Stations wishing to schedule a contact with us should email
KL7IZW, Steve at:

          wohnfeld at

Include your grid square, email, phone number, transmitter power
and antenna type/gain in your request. 

DSES operators will be Ray Uberecken, AA0L, Steve Plock, KL7IZW
and Myron Babcock, KL7YY.  A schedule of operating times will be
announced once we have compiled a list of stations interested in
making a contact with us.  Please visit our web site at
www. to learn more about our organization.  This dish is
located 90 miles SE of Colorado Springs, CO in Kiowa County, 5
miles south of Haswell, CO in DM88kj.  Our operating frequency
will be 1296.1 Mhz with a transmitter output of 160 watts.